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Our plantation workers has not been neglected as our group has emphasiised on elevating their socio-economic standards through education and social security measures for the workers and their families.

Statutory benefits have been well looked upon. The workers have privileges like free housing, ration, medical and maternity benefits. Our Group ensures availability of fully equipped hospitals, primary schools for workers’ children and even places of worship for all communities

Cultivation and Environment

Our Group is certified free from harmful chemical fertilizers and pesticides. A scientific and self-sustainable employment of compost and manure, insecticides, soil and water conservation practices along with crop rotation ensures that every cup you drink is replete with all the goodness intended it to be. Not only do we take care of your health, our cultivation process ensures health of the cultivators, flora and fauna and benefits the entire eco-system.

All our Gardens and our Blending Units have been certified with HACCP, GMP AND ISO 22000 Standards.

In its objective of preventing soil erosion and deforestation and maintain ecological balance, the Group has substituted traditional domestic fuel with LPG. It has provided interest-free loans for animal husbandry that not only generates additional income for the local people but also valuable manure for tea estate soil rejuvenation.