Other Companies

Bharat Engineering Works

This unit engaged in tea engineering since 1956 and is one of the pioneers in tea machinery�s in India. As a matter of fact the company is also exporting tea machinery to Sri Lanka and Nepal. The company also undertakes turnkey projects for setting up Tea processing unit both in India and aboard.For more information on our engineering unit we would request you to visit www.teanengineering.in for our complete insight of this line of activities

Mahadeobari Tea Co. Pvt. Ltd.

A company involved in mining and trading of granite blocks and slabs.Our Current Activities: We are mining the rare OCEAN ETOILLE Green Granite in Orissa, India since 1993 We own the largest quarry for this green granite, and can offer you blocks and slabs as per your customized requirement We are exporting a variety of Indian Granite of various colors and sizes across Europe and USA. We are also offering GRANITE VENEER in various colors, for all your interior and exterior requirements.Properties of OCEAN ETOILLE Green Granite: Also known as Seaweed Green and Green Galaxy, this granite is suitable for both interior and exterior usage. It also boasts amongst the highest gloss meter reading as close to 98% in its category, and porosity of only .058% which is very rare. The surface once polished and finished are highly scratch resistant and can be used as kitchen tops, tomb stones, building facades, and various carvings. It is also resistant to all acids in Normal conditions. We are presently exporting blocks and slabs to buyers across Europe and U.S.A.For any further information on the above or queries kindly write to medleyminerals@anandabag.com .