Tea Companies

Our group produces approximately 2.0 million Kgs. of Indian Black Tea consisting of all CTC and Orthodox Grades. With the know how of the industry for over 10 decades we have maintained to plant and rejuvenate only quality yielding clones.All our estates are located in the quality belt of Upper Assam famous for its rich characteristics of Leaf, liquor and Infusion.Each year the company uplifts all its efforts to maintain consistent quality to customers globally and is packing all its Teas in VACUUM PACKING ensuring much better shelf life for our BuyersAll our Factories and Estates are GMP, ISO 22000 & H.A.C.C.P Certified.

The Ananda Bag Tea Co. Ltd.

The company was started sometime in the year 1893 and incorporated in the year 1920. The company has a tea plantation named �Ananda Bag Tea Estate� and a in-house state- of-the-art manufacturing facility in the quality belt of Upper Assam. The name �Ananda-Bag� literally translates into �Garden of h...

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Mahadeobari Tea Co. Pvt. Ltd.

The Estate was started in the year 1928 and incorporated under Mahadeobari Tea Co. Pvt. Ltd. in the year 1974. The company now has a tea plantation named �Mahadeobari Tea Estate� and an in-house state-of the-art manufacturing facility in the belt of Upper Assam. The name �Mahadeobari� literally tran...

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J.M. Agro Industries

A Tea processing unit incorporated in the year 2003 with state of arttechnology to manufacturing high quality teas from our own source of Raw material available at Dholla Tea Estate and is the latest addition in our group of Tea Companies.

Sadiya Frontier Tea Pvt. Ltd.

This is the most recent acquisition of our group in the year 2002. This company was acquired by us along with �Dholla Tea Estate�and is situated in the quality belt of Assam. It has a unique character of producing Black Grainy Tea favourable to a number of customers across India and Globe.

Chokhani Tea & Tea Seed Estate

Yet another quality growing planstation started in the year 1911 and named after the family . It boasts of being amongst the highest yielding gardens of the region too. As the name suggests along with Tea plantation has a tea seed plantation too, which is a certified Seed plantation by the Tea Research Association (T.R.A) India.