About Us

The Company was started sometime in the year 1893 and incorporated in the year 1920. The company has its own tea plantation named " Ananda Bag Tea Estate" . The name "Ananda Bag " literally translates into" Garden of Happiness" and it is indeed the garden of happiness producing high quality CTC and Orthodox teas for a long time. The company's corporate office " The Ananda Bag Tea Co. Ltd." is based in Kolkata (West Bengal, India). The company has a respected status in the worldwide market owing to its high quality Tea and Domestic Tea Brands. Our major markets are Japan, Sri Lanka, China, Middle East, Vietnam, UK, Iran, Iraq, Russia and Germany. We produce roughly 2.0 million kgs. of Black tea which includes both CTC and Orthodox teas. Besides our own manufacturing, the group is engaged in trading activities of all varieties of tea being produced in India namely: North Indian CTC, Orthodox, Darjeeling , South Indian CTC and Nilgiri Orthodox Teas. We are registered buyer members of all major auction centers in North as well as South India.

Our Production Unit


We have a well-established 100000 sq. fts. ISO 22000:2005 and GMP (W.H.O.) certified blending and packaging units. Our units are equipped with the latest machines and all required amenities necessary for a smooth production process. Moreover, we blend and pack tea according to the buyer's requirement and can also pack in their own brands.


We have a in-house state-of-the-art HACCP & ISO 22000:2005 manufacturing facility in the quality belt of Upper Assam producing high quality CTC and Orthodox teas and packing them in Vacuum packs.

Out Dedicated Work Force

We have a dedicated work force both at garden level as well as at our blending and packing units in Kolkata. Our team is appointed after following a crucial selection procedure. Our team comprises :
Target ListProduction managers
Target ListAdministrative Staff
Target ListSkilled labors
Target ListWarehousing experts
Target ListPackaging Staff
Target ListLogisticians
Target ListQualified & Highly Experience tea taster

Why Prefer us?

Some of the major factors that set us apart from others are :
Target ListCompetent Workforce
Target ListStringent quality measures
Target ListEthical business practices
Target ListWide market presence
Target ListCustomization solutions
Target ListMarket leading prices
Target ListPrompt delivery

Cultivation & Environment

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